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Survivng the 4th of July with your Greyhound

Every year GHG gets calls from adopters whose greyhounds have taken off due to fireworks. Sadly, one greyhound was found dead after spooking from the neighbors fireworks a few years ago. The following are some tips that may help:

DO NOT leave your dog outside unattended in the yard even if it is fenced. Dogs can spook and just run blindly to get away from the noise.
IF YOUR dog is comfortable in the basement, it is less likely to hear the fireworks there. Play the TV or radio loudly to drown out the noise. Also, cotton in the ears helps(just remember to take it out!).

Fundraiser at Rita's Ice-Custard, Bethel Park on July 9th

Rita's Ice-Custard in Bethel Park and Going Home Greyhounds team up for a fundraiser night from 6:00-8:30 pm on Thursday July 9th. During this event 20% of all Rita's sales at this location will be donated to Going Home Greyhounds. So bring your family and your hounds to the fundraiser and help support Going Home Greyhounds while enjoying a delicious Ritas Ice.

Rita's Ice-Custard
5029 Library Rd (Route 88)
Bethel Park, Pa 15102
Front of Giant Eagle/Wal-Mart Shopping Center

Greyt Escape - Kennel to Kouches 2015 8/7-9

The Ultimate Greyt Escape, Greyhound Trust & Alliance (GT&A) in conjunction with the Greyhound Health Initiative (GHI) is pleased to present the 2015 Great Escape: Kennels to Kouches Event and the Sighthound Wellness Conference. If you had a tail-wagging good time in 2014, get ready to do laps around the yard as this blockbuster three-day event has a new location!

Wooftrax Walk for a dog

The Walk for a Dog program is a dog-powered fundraising tool for animal organizations and rescues. Support Going Home Greyhounds simply by walking your greyhound! Go to Wooftrax and click "get the app" at the top of the page, install the free Android or iPhone app, and start taking your Walk for a Dog every day. Change the animal organization you are walking for to Going Home Greyhounds in the setup tab of the app for iPhone users, or in the settings menu for Android users


Everytime you shop through Amazon, a percentage of your purchases will be donated to Going Home Greyhounds. List Going Home Greyhounds as your preferred charity.
Click on http://smile.amazon.com/ch/23-2914530

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